In-person sessions, group courses and also sessions via SKYPE!!


Face to face individual sessions or via SKYPE!!

Is it the first time that you face the challenge of having a presentation in front of an audience and you do not know how to start? Do you fear talking in public, are you afraid of not being good enough?

I will guide you through the elaboration and structuration of the discourse. I will help you to prepare it and I will train you. You will work in your voice, your scenic presence, your nonverbal communication, your connection with the audience, and -to avoid getting nervous- you will learn how to control your emotions and the anxiety that you may get when talking in front of an audience.

Take everything under control and make a success of your first presentation.


Face to face individual sessions or via SKYPE!!

Have you previously talked in front of an audience but you think you can get better at talking? Do you think that when you present you do not reach the audience?

Frequently, people who has presented several times do not feel anxious or nervous but still they do not success in their targets. That is the reason why it is worth it to revise why communication is not working and what needs to be changed in order to improve our communication and our connection with the audience. This way you will achieve the desired impact.


Face to face individual sessions

Do you have to face the challenge of making a presentation in Spanish or Catalan and none of them are your mother tongue? Does this cause you insecurity and you need to feel that you are ready to success?

Getting in front of an audience in your own language is stressful so doing it in a foreign language is even more tense.
This is why I will guide you through the elaboration and structuration of the discourse, and I will help you to prepare it. Do not let language be an obstacle and make your presentation unforgettable!


Face to face individual sessions and also via SKYPE!

Do you need to improve the way you speak when you are in front of an audience, when you are in a meeting, or when you are in a work or personal sphere? Do you feel that your connection with the audience is not the way that you want to?

Lots of people, weather in work or personal spheres, face situations in which it is necessary to pool, negotiate, and make petitions. Frequently the lack of communicative abilities will not let them accomplish their targets.

The goal of coaching in private or public speaking is to go in depth in the aspects that are needed to be changed in order to be able to control the situation and not to feel overwhelmed. This way you will reach the audience and feel more comfortable.


Individual sessions, group sessions via Skype

Imagine that you have to present your business or your project in two minutes! Could you do it in that time? Could you be unforgettable?
This technique is called elevator pitch because it is inspired in a situation in which you have to convince someone of your project in an elevator. Therefore, you have to raise the interest of your potential client, investor or someone who could link you to someone important.

Whatever the case, your objective here is not selling a product but awake interest for your project in two minutes to get an interview or a meeting.

Are you an entrepreneur? I will help you improve your elevator pitch to make it astonishing. Do not let any opportunity pass you by!


Face to face individual sessions and also via SKYPE!

The interview is the first step in any selection process. You put all your eggs in one basket. Do you know how to express yourself in a positive and effective way to make them think you are the one that they want? Does your way of speaking show the best side of you?
If you desire to change your career and have better career perspectives, prepare yourself to do it in the best conditions. Our objective here is to coach you to make your verbal and nonverbal communication boost your professionality and your personal features in order to show the best version of yourself.
Do not miss a thing!


Group course.

Do you want to improve your presentation in front of an audience? Would you like to feel more comfortable and really reach the audience? The impact that you have on your audience is your introduction!

In this intensive course you will get the tools and the basic means that you need to talk in public in order to feel yourself confident and authentic. You will work on basic vocal techniques (breathing, voice technique, modulation) and a first contact with your body and gestures (body consciousness and nonverbal communication). You will also train your listening skills and the feed-back the public gives you, emphasizing the connection you need to establish.

Each participant will end the course by recording an introduction video of themselves and having a clear diagnosis of their strengths and the aspects they should still work on.


Group curse.

Every employee of your business is an ambassador of your corporation and your products. To learn how to talk in public and how to emotionally reach your client is key in order to keep your business growing.
Speaking in public has become a growing need in many companies and organizations, since leading meetings, making presentations, symposia, and product sales among others are part of their day to day life.

This training aims to enhance personal skills in the field of oral communication and shows each person their strengths and improvement areas so that they become aware of them and can teamwork on them with practical resources.

The methodology that we will use is based on theatrical technique -but not only that- since the concerns that public speaking can arouse do not expire only with a good technique. Therefore, this proposal has a deeper look and it will also be accompanied by the coaching point of view.

In order to learn to speak in public with impact and authenticity we will use the effect of the double mirror, first we will record the practices in video and we will analyse them, then the same group will give us feedback of the positive aspects and others aspects that need to improve.

Each participant will finish the course with an individual presentation video and a clear diagnosis of their strengths and the aspects they need to work on.

Lali Feliu

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